Tastes So Good… So Simple!

Hi! Do you like making a little simple meal when you don’t know what to eat! If yes, this post is perfect for you! In this post I will talk about my favorite meals that are simple to make (besides toast and peanut butter). I’m not a picky eater and I love lots of food varieties. If you don’t like lots of different foods, you might not like the food in this post. All the meals I’ll present are healthy.

I really like eating bagels with cream cheese so why not add a little smoked salmon! I really enjoy eating this for lunch. Normally I cut myself some cucumber slices in the side of my plate. You can also have different vegetables. An option would be to add fresh spinach leaves in my bagel. Continue reading

Hmm… A Good Comment

What makes a good comment? That’s what I’ll be talking about. This will be my opinion on good comments so other people might not like the same comments as I do.

If a blogger asks a question for a reader to comment on please answer the question. If a question is asked in a post it also makes it easier for you to comment. I’ll give you an example: What’s your favorite sport? Or: Did you ever taste sushi?

For a good comment you can also relate to something that happened to you. For example if the blogger talks about his ride on a roller coaster you can easily make a good comment. You can write about how you’ve been on that roller coaster on you got really scared.

For your comment you can also relate to something that happened not long ago. For example if the blogger is writing about a sport team you should talk about a big trade the team made or some team news. Continue reading

Student Blog Challenge!

Hi everyone! The Student Blog Challenge has started and I’m participating in it! If any of you readers are blogging you might also be in it! This is my first year of blogging and I’ve never been in this challenge.

Every week, us bloggers will get a new challenge. I don’t know what challenges will be! I guess it will be a surprise! In a matter of fact, I think this post is an actual challenge!

I don’t know if I sound like it but… I’m not a 100 % sure what this challenge is! If anyone knows some information about the challenge, feel free to tell me in the comments. It would be appreciated! If anyone is in the challenge also leave a comment! Last but not least, good luck to all the bloggers in this challenge! Goodbye!

What a Cold Hotel

icehotel-365-jukkasjarvi-sweden-10In Sweden, there is a extraordinary hotel, the ICEHOTEL. Why? The name said it, it’s entirely made of ice!It used to be open only in winter, although now it’s designed to last the whole year. It also has a new name! The ICEHOTEL 365! It’s a really original name.

The hotel is in a village 200 km north of the Arctic circle, Jukkasjarvi. It was made in 1989.

Did you know that it would take 20 million snowballs to build this incredible structure. The guests of the ICEHOTEL 365 will have to stay in the hotels -5 degrees Celsius. Brrr!! Cold!!

The preparation the ICEHOTEL starts in March when 5,000 tons of ice are placed in a cold storage. Late in October the construction starts. By late November this amazing hotel should be finished.

Now more visitors will come to this awesome hotel! Would you like to stay at the ICEHOTEL?



Image source: DoGo News

I’m… Book Blurbing?

Out of My Mind is a book about a 11-year-old girl named Melody. She is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Melody is a very smart girl and she has a wonderful photographic memory. She remembers everything! Her disability prevents her from presenting what she knows. In this book Melody goes through multiple problems.

In case you didn’t know Cerebral Palsy is a movement disorder. The symptoms are often weak muscles and poor coordination. That’s why Melody is in a wheel chair. She can’t walk, play sports and can’t really talk.

Some children treat Melody horribly. They make fun of her and think she’s dumb even though she’s probably smarter than those children. Also in her class with other disable kids, they had a substitute teacher and… She treated them like babies. The teacher put some childish music. The students hated it. Everyone should treat people with disabilities like they treat others. I’m pretty sure the disabled kids and adults want to be treated nicely just like kids like me.

I really liked reading this great book. Melody’s story is amazing. I like this book because the other describes the moments so great it just makes you never want to stop reading it. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is older than 11 years old. I’m saying this because younger kids might not understand and not take the story seriously. If I had to give a rating on 5 stars I would give a 5.

I hope you like this post. Please tell me in the comment if you want to read this book. See you next time!



The All Access Sports Book

A while ago, my class had library time at school. I picked Sport Illustrated Kids All Access. I took the book because the cover shows the inside of a locker room. I opened it and the first thing I saw was a Lego built Cam Newton (NFL player). The Lego has 24,360. The bsportsook has cool stuff about sports and their athletes. In the book they show what some athletes have in their home and cool sport facts and features. In two pages they talked about how a basketball All-Star has a secret room with 200-250 pairs of shoes. Did you know that Patrick Peterson (another NFL player) has custom shoes. In pages 44-45 the book shows awesome baseball stadium features. One of the stadiums has a pool with rays in it. I strongly recommend this this great book to people who love sports. In conclusion I really love this book.

My Small Addiction That You Might Not Know

amari_cooperHello! You might be wondering what my small addiction is. It’s collecting NFL football cards. I like collecting them because when you buy packs you don’t know what cards you will get. I love to open packs and seeing the NFL stars I got. So far I think I’m doing pretty good collecting them.

I started collecting football cards in when I was 10 years old. My collection has lots of cards. I started collecting them because I randomly thought it would be cool to have some.

Luckily I’ve got cards that are worth some money. The card that is worth the most money I have is an Amari Cooper card. It’s his rookie card which he autographed. There are only 25 cards like it in the world and I believe it’s worth 100 to 150 dollars and more. My rarest card is a Jesse James autographed card. There is only 6 in the entire world.

That’s it for my post. Hope you liked it! See you next time!

Image Source: Wikimedia

Should Pit Bulls Be Banned?

Recently cities have been banning the pit bull dog breed because they are “dangerous”. To be honest with you I love pit bulls and they shouldn’t be banned. They are so awesome. I think that often people with pit bulls train their pet for guard dog.

I know they have extremely strong jaws that clamp down and they don’t let go of what they haveawesome in their mouth. That’s how this breed is made. Did you know that some pit bulls can jump over fences? They are very athletic. They are normally 14 to 30 kg.

I am pretty sure a lot of people who think this dog breed are ugly (really not) would say that when they are puppies they are super cute and adorable. I think I’ve already seen a pit bull puppy and I couldn’t help it. They were outrageously cute! When I saw them they haven’t even grown into their skin yet.

So that’s it for this post. Look how nice this dog is! Please leave a comment about if you like pit bulls and think they should or shouldn’t get banned.

Image source: Flickr

The Breadwinner

bookHello! The post you will be reading is about The Breadwinner, a book I finished reading not long ago. It will be about my opinion on the book. Here’s a little resume on the book so you know what I`m talking about. It won’t be too big in case you want to read the book. The Breadwinner is about a girl named Parvana in Afghanistan when the Taliban took over and the problems that occurred with the Taliban. See a nice short resume.

I like this book because the subject of war is interesting. Not that I like war, I actually hate it, although I like learning about it. I personally like knowing why they do war.I like how the author described the emotions Parvana and the other characters felt. The book had good ideas and great characters to read about. The one problem is that I think the book should have a some excitement in the ending to make readers want to read the second book. The ending had a cliff hanger although it wasn’t exciting.

Overall this book was a good one and you should read if you like learning about what happens around the world. If you want to read the book leave a comment. See you next time!

No School

Road sign to education and future

If suddenly I wasn’t allowed to go to school I would go crazy! I got this idea about not going to school from the Breadwinner, a book I’m reading in class. I would question about why we aren’t allowed to go. I’m no nerd but I actually really enjoy school. I get to see my friends for half a day. That’s awesome!

For the first week I would probably enjoy my time off. I would hang-out with my friends most of the time. When there would be a month off I would be fine but when the second month comes…Oh boy! On the second month I would be bored. After a year I would be sleeping all day!

Without school I wouldn’t be able to live. The consequences of no education are no good. Without school you can’t get a good job and I’m pretty sure it can give you more chances of getting Alzheimer and stuff like that. So in conclusion school is very important.

Image source: Wikimedia